Our Organizations

Pawsitive Ohio is an all-volunteer 501(c)3, non-profit organization with the goal to end the needless deaths of homeless dogs in Northeast Ohio and to be a resource for the animal welfare agencies throughout the state. Our focus is on raising funds for low-cost spay/neuter programs, comprehensive adoption programs, creating a coalition within the Northeast Ohio rescue groups and offering education for the community-at-large on adoption, breed discrimination and the benefits of altering pets to reduce the population.

Ohio Unleashed supports the low-cost spay/neuter programs we provide to residents throughout the community to reduce unwanted pets.

The first is the Pawsitive Pit Crew program which focuses efforts on the Pit Bull Terrier population. Since its inception in 2017, this we have altered and provided medical care, micro-chipping, vaccines and more for over 300 pitty-mix dogs in our community. Normal spay/neuter surgeries can range from anywhere from $200—$600 for dogs of this size, by utilizing groups like AlterClinic Animal Care, the RASCAL Unit and mobile veterinarians we cover the cost of the treatment and only ask for the pet parent to pay a small deposit fee.

Operation XL
Even COVID didn’t stop our work to reduce pet overpopulation! As soon as the ban on spay/neuter surgeries was lifted in 2020, we scheduled the first clinic targeted to large, female dogs from 80—140lbs (see image above, one of our patients) called Operation XL. This hefty event cared for 19 extra large ladies (the size of an average teenager) and provided them with surgery, vaccines and more to help them live a healthier, happier life.

Pawsitive Hope Inc. is an animal rescue that has many parts; we take in animals with medical issues from shelters, take in owner surrendered medical animals, and provide medical / surgical care to animals that are part of other rescues. 

Pawsitive Hope Inc. also assists in educating the public on the benefits of spaying / neutering, we financially assist low income families to have their pets altered and we have created a program called Fix A Family that is available to families with pregnant dogs/cats, or dog/cats with litters. We provide medical care for the moms and puppies until the puppies are weaned. We then vaccinate, deworm, apply flea prevention, microchip and spay/neuter puppies, subsequently placing  the animals up for adoption. We will also spay/neuter the parent dogs free of charge and return them to their owners.  In addition we alter cats that are part of Trap, Neuter, Release programs.

We volunteer our services as veterinarians, veterinary technicians and assistants to spay/ neuter clinics for low income families.